Loans for youth: the opportunities for scholarships and loans to study abroad.

More and more young people decide to start or complete their studies in a foreign country. The opportunities offered are manifold and, in particular, those proposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation are quite interesting.

In fact, they allow you to take courses at universities or colleges of other nations, carry out research in archives, cultural centers, libraries and laboratories or attend language courses.

Loans for young people: loan opportunities for studying abroad

Loans for young people: loan opportunities for studying abroad

Children who choose to live a study experience abroad are constantly increasing. As a result, there are some possibilities for scholarships or youth loans offered by the state or non-profit organizations.

Fulbright Scholarships

These are offers reserved to Italian citizens for study, research and teaching projects in the best US universities.

The following students have the opportunity to access it:

  • graduates with an old university degree, a master’s degree and a three-year degree;
  • graduates from art or music academies;
  • students of the PhD course in Italy;
  • PhDs, researchers, university professors and secondary school professors.

Travel expenses and medical-insurance coverage funded by the US government are included in the Fulbright scholarships.

Loans for Studying Abroad of Government agency

Another valid alternative is the loans for studying abroad of the Government agency, in the form of scholarships and university scholarships for attendance at various institutions such as:

  • schools, both lower and upper secondary;
  • state or legally recognized universities and institutes ;
  • Italian schools abroad or European schools within the European Union;
  • foreign higher and university study courses legally recognized as equivalent to Italian school or university courses.

Unesco Scholarships

Unesco has activated a system of scholarships reserved for young graduates and researchers to help strengthen human and intellectual resources in areas related to the strategic objectives and programmatic priorities of the organization.

Scholarships are divided into:

  • ordinary grants financed from the organization’s ordinary budget;
  • extraordinary grants co-financed for special projects and programs.

The Italian Student Loan Fund – Fund for Italian Students

Finally, the project The Italian Student Loan Fund – Fund for Italian Students, a non-profit institution, which offers financial assistance in the form of a loan of honor to Italian graduates is also interesting.

To access youth loans, you must have certain requirements and want to start or continue your studies to obtain a master’s degree or a Ph.D. from a university in the United States.

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