What are the most convenient personal loans of May 2018

How to find the best loans of the moment

How to find the best loans of the moment

Although the worst of the economic crisis has passed, many taxpayers still need to resort to loans and financing to face small and large expenses. But how do you find the best product? Although there is no absolute best loan, there are methods of finding the cheapest personal loans on the market.

The simplest and most affordable solution is to take advantage of online comparators. specialized platforms on the Network that allow, free of charge and without registration, to compare different offers of loans and mortgages. Offers that obviously refer to banks operating in Italy, both online and physical.

Making a comparison is very simple: just enter the loan details requested in the search form of the comparison portal. The system will therefore propose all loans that meet the user’s preferences, indicating the main characteristics for each.

Loans in promotion in May 2018

Loans in promotion in May 2018

Now that we have seen how to find the most convenient personal loans with online portals, let’s see some of the most interesting offers of May 2018.

Let’s start by talking about Astro Loan of Best bank, in promotion until May 31st. It allows you to obtain sums up to 75 thousand USD and the amortization plan extends for a maximum of 10 years. By activating the loan in May, the beneficiary obtains the application of a subsidized TAN of 6.25%.

The APR, on the other hand, is approximately 7%. These data are calculated on the basis of a loan of 15 thousand USD with repayment in 84 months. Situation in which we have investigation fees of 1.50% of the capital disbursed. The loan includes two options for changing the amortization conditions, which allows you to defer one or more amortization installments.

For those who are looking for a completely online loan, the ideal product is Cream bank! Project 1 click of Cream bank!. The funding is currently in promotion, until May 29th. By requesting a loan of 15 thousand USD with repayment in 96 months, we have a periodic installment of 198.30 USD. Tan and Taeg are fixed at 6.16% and 6.40% respectively.

among the most convenient personal loans currently on promotion, until May 31st, we also find Poste Italiane BancoPosta Online Loan. Credit line which provides for the granting of sums starting from 3 thousand up to 30 thousand USD. Poste Italiane account holders who request financing obtain a reduction on Tan and Taeg.

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